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10 Things I Love About My Dog

This dog of ours, Chief Border Patrol and Officer of Quality Assurance, duck hunter extraordinaire, member of the “Order Of The Pink Nose”, with the ninja sense of awareness, velvet ears and soulful eyes, the one they call too exuberant, has in short changed our lives.

We brought our yellow Lab home with us on Father’s Day of 2008 and called her Juno. Little did we know that this little dog would effect a realignment of epic proportions on our time, to our home, to our routines, and to our lives at large. We jokingly refer to life before Juno as our very own  version of ‘B.C’: Before Canine.

She’s goofy and she’s curious and has energy to spare. But she’s gentle and clever and fearless and we love life more for her being in it.

So, here’s our L-O-V-E list when it comes to our dog:

1. Her pink nose: It went from black to pink during her first winter, and just didn’t go back. We adore it.

2. Her dark, mysterious, soulful eyes: She will tell you epic tales with them.

3. Her swagger: For real, the party doesn’t start until she walks in.

4. Her confidence: She is never one to shy away from a new experience. She dives in head first.

5. Her curiosity: She simply must know what you’re doing…and the why, the how, and when she can help.

6. Her smell: Yes, I smell my dog. I know her scent. And I love it. I would know it anywhere.

7. Her ears: They are velvet and they each have a double flap. So essentially she has 4 ears. May be why she comes running for cheese from all four corners of the house. One ear for each corner.

8. Her ninja sense of awareness: If you’re a stranger behind her on a walk, she will turn around, and wait for you to catch up.

9. Her spirit: She lives to play and loves to learn. And it’s infectious.

10. Her trust: The greatest gift.

So let’s hear it…spread the love…what do you love about your dog?


5 comments on “10 Things I Love About My Dog

  1. writetowag
    March 16, 2013

    What a wonderful post…LOVE this!!!!

  2. humanrescuesdog
    March 20, 2013

    This made me smile, especially #6 (I thought I was the only crazy one who loves the smell of her dogs).

  3. humanrescuesdog
    March 20, 2013

    PS she is beautiful and I do remember my ‘BC’ days.

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