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Letting The Good Times Roll – The Good Times Jar Project

It’s Friday, so this is kind of entirely appropriate; Friday itself is a good time. The Friday leading into St. Patrick’s Day weekend? A very good time.

Sooo, how much of last year can you really remember?

Let The Good Times Roll...With The Good Times Jar Project!Were there things you did that you were really proud of? What made you laugh out loud? Did anything surprise you big-time? Did you set major goals for the future, or accomplish any you’d already set? Did you get good news, or share in someone else’s? Did you let go of something (a bad habit maybe), or try something new?

What were the memories really worth saving?

Honestly, I couldn’t come up with really good or quick answers to most of these questions for us for last year. Maybe you can? If you can, kudos! Since I couldn’t, I’m writing them down this year. Little bits of the every day, the big days, and whatever else is noteworthy at that moment. I’m popping them in our Good Times Jar for 2013 and we’ll pull them out on New Year’s Eve to read through – and remember – what will hopefully be a really great year.

We’ve put our jar next to the kitchen sink so that it gets seen, and therefore used. And heck, we’ve even been encouraging our friends and family t0 add to it too!

Remembering the good times – even that’s a good time. (That was actually our first addition to the jar).

What do you think? Do you think you’ll try it? It’s only March, so there’s lots of time until New Year’s!


(This isn’t Juno, but I’m pretty sure this would be her version of a Good Times Jar!)

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