Dear Dog Diary

You can learn a lot from a dog.

Hey, Where Are They Going?

Hey, Where Are They Going?

Hi everyone, exciting news – we’re finalizing our conversion to a dot com this week.

We’d like to keep in touch with you and we’d love for you to stay in touch with us, so we invite you to check us out at our new site – Life In The Dog Lane!

We’ll be continuing our posts here at Dear Dog Diary while we finalize the new site, so we’ll cross-post most of this week. Be sure to subscribe at the new site so we stay connected – we want to avoid losing friends in the conversion!

We may also include some posts about what the process has been like for us to convert to a self-hosted website, so stay tuned for those.

Let’s chat over at the new site! Looking forward to keeping in touch,

Dear Dog Diary (a.k.a Life In The Dog Lane)

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